Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ATTN: SUV Pilots

If you own an SUV, please know that it is not a full size pick-up truck, and it does not have the same holding capacity.

I have to load items in to vehicles every day. When someone buys a large item, I have to ask, "Are you driving a truck, or do you have a trailer?" When the response is, "I have a truck," I have learned to watch head and eye movements. For some reason, many SUV and/or van owners like to believe their vehicle has the capability of carrying the same as a pick-up.

Here is a hint:
A) Measure the narrowest point of entry through the opening you wish to use.
B) Measure the widest part of the item you wish to haul.
If B is bigger than A, it will not work.
If you think it will, you should load it your self.
If you cannot figure it out, you should not have a vehicle in the first place.

My in-laws drive SUVs (Suburban & Denali), but they know the limitations of their vehicles.

Please, think responsibly.