Friday, July 28, 2006


I think it's funny, how the whole HIPAA thing works. My wife's doctor called to let her know the results of her MRI. Unfortunately, she wasn't home at the time. I offered to take a message - letting the doctor know that I was her husband. He would allow no such thing - "I'll call her back."

Hey, I understand the whole patient/doctor relationship thing. I get the confidentiallity thing. I get the HIPAA Act. I get it. But...

I pay for the health insurance. I pay doctor. I pay for the MRI. I pay for everything. And I am her husband. I don't think there should be anything held from my knowledge. Which brings me to another point in this...

I believe spouses should have unlimited access to their other half's medical records. I mean, there should be nothing held (withheld) from a spouse. Like say... a man has been refraining from having sex with his wife - because he's being treated for an STD. I think the wife has a right to know. If a woman goes to have an abortion - I think her husband has a right to know (especially if he hasn't been having sex with her). Things like that make me believe the way I do. Well, that and the fact that I pay for everything.

I wish the doctors would tell my wife whatever they wanted to tell me - instead of making me wait on their phone call. It would make everything sooo much easier. Likewise, it would make it easier to let me know what to tell her - other than, "The doctor is going to call you about your MRI." Uh, yeah... she already knew that.