Sunday, August 20, 2006

Like (Blog)Father...

I was noticing my blogpapa got himself some new specs - WoW! Me too.
I had to have my lenses ordered b/c no one carries mine on a regular basis, so I just got to pick them up on Saturday morning. I'm not as happy as Johnny-Oh!, but I am sure I will be - my lovely wife has a way of getting things fixed for me (she's an awsome complainer - she once got me paid to get a new pair of specs and prescription sunglasses).

See... I always have a problem when I get new glasses. They always get something wrong. "They", meaning the optometrist and/or the lens cutter. This time, the optometrist didn't pay attention to me when I said the left eye was still blurry. Hence, the blur I now see through my left lens. But enough of that.

It's been a while since I posted, and things are much the same. Job hunting. I came to realize there are few jobs in my field in this area, and even for those with high demand degrees it often takes a while to find the job they want. Patience hasn't been a strong point for me.

So I'm teaching myself SQL. I believe I'll be learning Visual Basic in my spare time, but I'm not sure right now. Maybe that sounds a bit geeky. Maybe it sounds a bit behind. At any rate, it increases my knowledge; thus, increasing my hirability.

An old college professor hooked me up with a job interview a little while back. The job sounds great, it's perfect for me (as jobs go), but there's no insurance available for the first year - bummer. With a family, that's a must. Perhaps something else will come into the picture soon.

My older daughter just started 6th grade. I'm getting scared. I say that because I remember 6th grade. I hope she dosen't screw-up like I did. My son is in 8th grade - he's already screwing-up like I did. Yet, the more I try to help, the more he stays away. The parental curse is upon me. Yep, it's like the post began: Like Father...