Thursday, November 16, 2006

That Was(n't) Fun

Thanks for the O2, Harvey.

Well, I got what I wanted... that being a new job... well, I got the "conditional offer" anyway. All seemed to be falling into place. Then *dramatic pause* it all collapsed around me. They disqualified me because of a misunderstanding on their 14 page application. One question that I misunderstood and answered wrong. This lead them to believe I lied on my application. I did not, but that doesn't really matter. They said I can reapply... in 3 years!

I also moved my family out of "da hood." We moved into a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath house with a nice yard. The landlord didn't even want a lease. Cool! Since my wife and I quit smoking a good while back, we were happy the landlord said, "No smokers and no pets." Yet, the house had the familiar odor of smoke and dog. My older daughter couldn't sleep - breathing problems (asthma and allergies (pets and smoke)). Hmm... The landlord failed to mention the last people that lived in the house were smokers with pets. We vacated the premises before the furniture was even in place, let alone bags be unpacked.

So we moved in with my mom (oh, the joy). Within 3 days, I found an apartment for us - so we moved once more. We had lived in the complex once before and remembered the security and amenities were awsome. I explained our house experience to the rental agent, and he assured me the 6 month old carpet in the apartment was pet-free and smoke-free. Wow! Where does it go wrong? Here: 1. He lied about the pets. The last renter had a dog. I know this because of the smell on the stairs after the carpet cleaner dried - and because of the dog food I swept from under and behind the fridge. 2. I sat in my living room and could clearly hear conversations in the apartments on either side of me. College guys on one side and a couple with dogs on the other. I knew intimate details about the couple, yet I never saw their faces. Since our toilets were less than 3 feet apart and only a wall separating us, I could sit on my throne and hear them use theirs. 3. Time to go.

So wemoved in with my mom (oh, the joy). Deja vu. Two weeks. Four moves. Four U-Haul rentals. Two transfers of three utilities and cable/internet. All utilities and cable/internet canceled. One job kept. One job offered and withdrawn. One day on top of the world. Three weeks of a harshly downward spiral.

Funk-E sent me a link that gave me some light in my darkness. It seems Fred is a man after my own heart. Someone I can truly relate to. Please follow this link, you'll be glad you did.