Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yeah. I'm still around. I've just been verry busy. Managing a department takes a lot out of you when you're handed a pile of crap and told to "Fix it."

I've been doing all I can to fix the problems that exist, but I cannot do it. I have let it be known what is required to mend the damaged parts of my department, yet I have not been allowed the autonomy to do what is needed, nor have my requests been fulfilled. I recall this being a reason for stepping out of Department Management before.

I have received daily lists of things to be done, yet I haven't the resources to complete the lists.
I am asked why my tasks aren't complete. I reply, "You are cancelling my orders. You are telling my associates not to do what I say. You are putting everything on me and not letting my team work on these issues. I am one person. However, since I'm so slow... show me how to do it the correct way and I will follow that model."

I have received no more lists.