Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes it is.
I haven't heard my son's voice since late June. But, at least, I get a relayed message from him. My wife got to speak with him, while visiting my mother today - I had to work. He told my wife all is good in his world, what he wants for Christmas, and that he has been so busy with his friends that he hasn't wanted to come see us. But he wants to come over around Christmas time - presents ya know.

That's my boy. Avoiding parental figures to spend time with friends. A regular chip off the ol' block. **tearing up** I'm so proud.

And on the job thing...
I heard something. Now I'm waiting to hear more. I'd go into detail, but I can't right now. Afraid of the jinx. Only certain people are allowed in that world.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Job Hunt

I've been sending out my resume like mad. I sent out six - through e-mail (job search engines and business links)- when I got home from school today and mailed another. That seems to be the routine lately.

What are the odds of getting employed in such a way?
In Knoxville, that would be between Slim and None. And Slim ain't home.

That's why I'm sending resumes across the country.
Might even end up speaking Texan or South Carolinese. I didn't even study foreign languages in school. Well...

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have come to the conclusion that logic is not real. If it were, more people would agree on what is logical, and would work together to achiev a logical outcome to most situations.

Illogic (if you will), is much more appropriate. Why would one be logical and have the whole world fighting him? That would not be logical. But it would. Er. Uh. Yeah.

It seems the general public does not agree with what a logical decision for most things would be. Simple deductive, conductive, and productive reasoning skills are lacking from most of the human race. But is this true?

It falls back to "illogic" you see. Those of us that are using logic and/or simple reasoning are in the wrong and are, therefore, illogical thinkers.

People with apparently no reasoning or logical thinking skills are in the same place we like to think we are now. The roles are reversed from what we think they are. That's how they keep us in their control - by letting us think we are the logical thinkers.

Illogicality (like that?) is what makes the world go 'round. If it weren't for that, explain this:
Hippies are peace lovers.
Many hippies/peace lovers drove/drive Volkswagens (vans/bugs).
Adolf Hitler was the driving force behind creating the Volkswagen. Yeah, that's right.
How logical is it that hippies/peace lovers support/drive/drove an idea associated with (arguably) one of the most evil warmongers (not to be confused with American Warmonger) to ever live?
Logic/illogic whatever. I need a nap.

Friday, November 11, 2005


That's all I'm trying to do.
Yeah. I have a McJob right now, but it's no career - not for me anyway.

I am a bit pissed right now at my lead professor. See. He fed me the typical B.S. that I know is his job, but it's not his job to straight out lie to people. "There are lots of jobs for people with these skills, there are more jobs in the field than there are people to fill them." You know what? He's still using that same crap three years later.

A lot of jobs, huh?

Why the hell are there so many people with Masters degrees in similar fields that are competing for the same jobs I am? I'm only getting an A.A.S. out of this. It's not like I'm any real competition for a masters.

And the skills the professor was talking about. I've got 'em. Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I've got 'em. I know what I'm doing and I'm damn good at it. I can layeth the GIS Smack Down with the best of 'em. Hell! I even correct some of the teachers' and other GIS professionals' mistakes or misunderstandings, when they need it. Fact: I know my shit.

But where are these jobs the good Dr. was talking about?

The other night, in class, some of my classmates were asking my opinion - concerning what they should do about next semesters' class schedule. I told them to change their major, and find something they can use to get employed. I wonder how many of them will listen to me. One of them said, "Why don't you change your major?" To which I replied, "Simple. I graduate next month. It's a bit late for me."

I'm not through bitching about this yet. I'll have more at a later date. Just had to get that out. Thanks for glancing at this page.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mad Doctor

I was sitting in class the other night, just piddling on my computer and listening to students talk about their RFP & Proposal projects. Not a lot happening, and that is what started making the professor upset, as his tone clearly revealed. "Haven't you read the assignment outline," he said to the class. "Didn't you pay attention at our last class meeting?" Then it happened.
One poor soul had the audacity, the nerve, the ignorance, and pure stupidity to say: "I don't understand why we have to do this assignment." BOOM!!
The professor exploded into a fit of rage, the likes of which I have only seen in one other place. Remember the movie, Waterboy with Adam Sandler? When Bobby got mad and tackled "Col. Sanders" - that's what it was like in the classroom (just without the tackling).
The professor had been sitting on a table at the side of the classroom. In an instant he was half way across the 30' wide room, and was in this guy's face. Screaming at him. "My God man! Where have you been? Have you heard anything I've said?"
Apparently dumbfounded and shocked, like the rest of the class, the student replied with, "I just don't get it."
Ever squeeze a water-balloon until it popped? Ya know that point right before it bursts? How the super-stressed latex is almost sweating the water through its piths... That's what the professor's face looked like. We thought he was gonna pop / or have a heart attack.
Words flew from the professor's mouth that I never imagined him saying. And as he strolled himself to the back wall of the room (trying to look calm), he placed his trembling hands in his pockets. Thus transferring attention from his hands to his shaking pants.
We all knew the student was trying to get a rise out of the professor, but it was beginning to piss some of us off. I was especially pissed, when I learned this student was trying to get our professor in trouble with the college's president. He knew what he was doing. He was pushing those buttons on purpose. Asshole.
It was wrong. It was prickish. It was scary. It was funny. And it made everyone else in the class look better. Thanks Bob.
A buddy of mine was talking to his boss about it the next morning at about 9am. His boss told him that he had already heard about it at 8:30am. This was at a business about 12 miles away. WOW, news travels fast. Even the good doctor's son new about it - in a neighboring town.
I'm on my way to that same class tonight. Hmm. I wonder what's in store.