Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Yeah. That's right.

I got a new job.
I start in April.

more later

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Interview Monday

I'm in route to New Port Richey, FL. Monday is face to face interview
time. Also, I have to take a test.

Not as much cash as I need, but I can make it work for a while. If I
get this one... I gotta find a house.

nerves o' jelly

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Job Search... Part 7,957,232,034

As I am awaiting a call to let me know when I will travel to Florida for my second interview, I recall several people saying this particular company takes a long time to get through the hiring process. No shit.

I've been applying to more and more companies in FL. I don't know why. I really just want a frickin' job. I have applied from Tallahassee east to Jacksonville, and south to Tampa. St. Augustine seems cool (not that I've ever been there).

Then there's GA. I don't really want to go to far in to the Atlanta area, but I'd be happy to work there anyway. I'm not picky, I just want to keep my family in the best area possible. So, I've applied to several places in southern GA (mainly close to Jacksonville, FL).

I have to meet with a recruiter today. Maybe he can help me find a job. If he does that... I'll let him sleep with my sister.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Complaint Compliant II: Texas Roadhouse (Knoxville, TN: Morrell Road)

Every time (and I do mean every) I take my family to Texas Roadhouse, we have a bad experience. Usually, my wife's steak is cooked wrong (at minimum), and they can never get it to come out right - re-grilling it just gets it burned outside and medium well inside. Because of these experiences, we have learned that my wife should just order chicken. But if she wants steak, she'll not get it at Texas Roadhouse. Not very fair is it?

The last time we went there, Mrs. Tuck ordered steak (well-done) with a salad - I had the same and the kids had chicken. Our salads went to the table beside us - they didn't order salads, but ate them. Our steaks were going to the same table, but the people told the waitress, that wasn't what they ordered - my wife said, "Those are ours. And so were the salads you gave to them." Not trying to be rude, just pointing out the facts.

With the first cut, my wife's steak damn near "mooed" as the blood flowed. We promptly sent it back. It came back burned outside & pink inside. My steak was fine - a bit tough, but I don't care if it's a little pink. However, my wife cannot eat meat that is not thoroughly cooked (welk-done).

The manager said she would have my wife's steak removed from the bill, and gave us a card to redeem for a free meal at our next visit. So my wife had no meal this time - just a salad. It reminded me of our previous trip to Texas Roadhouse - nearly the same thing happened and my wife had no food (seeing a pattern?).

The bill came and I was being charged for the food my wife didn't have. I sent the bill back, it was fixed, and we left after paying.

This experience is typical of the times we've been to the Texas Roadhouse on Morrell Road by West Towne Mall. We only went to this restaurant because the kids had "Free" coupons. We shall never return to this establishment - even if everyone's meals were free.