Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tennessee Visitors/Drivers Beware

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) decided recently to get themselves a pay raise. Now, I'm all for officers getting a raise, but I think the means to their end is all wrong. They have to raise $9 million to get their raise. I wish them well, but not too well.

See, they get their raise by giving speeding tickets. They're supposed to be giving out a ticket every ten (10) minutes. In an effort to make this a bit easier, they've reduced the amount of speed they're going to allow you to go over the speed limit. There was a time - not too long ago - when you could go 5 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, and no one cared. But with the pressure on, they're going to pass you a citation if you cross the 5mph over mark.

I had no clue about this until my wife came home from work and told me - yeah, she got a job. She works for one of the best attorneys in Knoxville, and he told her about it. I know him, and I'll gladly take his word for it - and pass it on to you.

Be safe out there, and watch your speed when traveling through Tennessee.

Friday, July 28, 2006


I think it's funny, how the whole HIPAA thing works. My wife's doctor called to let her know the results of her MRI. Unfortunately, she wasn't home at the time. I offered to take a message - letting the doctor know that I was her husband. He would allow no such thing - "I'll call her back."

Hey, I understand the whole patient/doctor relationship thing. I get the confidentiallity thing. I get the HIPAA Act. I get it. But...

I pay for the health insurance. I pay doctor. I pay for the MRI. I pay for everything. And I am her husband. I don't think there should be anything held from my knowledge. Which brings me to another point in this...

I believe spouses should have unlimited access to their other half's medical records. I mean, there should be nothing held (withheld) from a spouse. Like say... a man has been refraining from having sex with his wife - because he's being treated for an STD. I think the wife has a right to know. If a woman goes to have an abortion - I think her husband has a right to know (especially if he hasn't been having sex with her). Things like that make me believe the way I do. Well, that and the fact that I pay for everything.

I wish the doctors would tell my wife whatever they wanted to tell me - instead of making me wait on their phone call. It would make everything sooo much easier. Likewise, it would make it easier to let me know what to tell her - other than, "The doctor is going to call you about your MRI." Uh, yeah... she already knew that.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Please Help

In the mid-90s there was a song that was very popular for a short time. It was a guy calmly speaking over music, talking about growing up, life, how things used to be... (I hope you get the picture). It seems this song came out in 1995, but I'm not sure.

I'm asking everyone I know to help me on this. I need to know the name of the song and/or the artist. It is my understanding this song was never released as a single.

If you have any clue... Please, leave a message in the comment box. Thanks.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I' a Whore...

At least, I think that's what it's called. I get a bi-weekly pay check for getting screwed on a daily basis. So, getting paid for being screwed... makes me a whore. Not unlike the majority of Americans - or anyone else. And you know how sometimes you have to take it just a bit harder than usual? Well, that's why I'm more than a bit sore right now.

I work third shift now
And I'm getting paler by the day
I asked to change shifts
But my boss said, No Way!
Only he wasn't so polite
Off - my face he did bite
So I hope the fucker dies a slow painful death via abacination induced shock

O.K. so I'm no poet

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Roughly 6a.m. this past Sunday morning, I decided to take a drive North on I-75. I knew that around 7a.m. was prime-time for taking photographs of this particular area.

This photo was taken at the Rarity Mountain exit at mile marker 156. From mm 152 - mm 156, there are some great photo ops. If you're ever in the neighborhood (at the right time of morning), just stop and take in some mountain air (and carbon monoxide from the interstate), and enjoy the view.

This reminds me of how nice it can be to call Tennessee "Home." Now, I wanna go campin'.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Few Nice Thoughts

... and explainations.

The kinja thing was advertising that (for a fee) you could use someone's blog to sell your products, speak your own mind, or whatever else you wanted. I how no problems with people having blog sites (obviously) to say what they want, I just don't want people using my blog without my permission. Moving on...

In The Blues Brothers, when they're trying to complete their "mission from God," there's the big chase scene. As they're driving through the mysteriously deserted city streets of downtown Chicago, they pass several landmarks and art pieces that are recognizable. The photo from 3 posts ago is one of them. It is a Picasso sculpture that has no name, but it is located outside of the Daley Plaza. The Blues Brothers drove by this at a high rate of speed, but they also drove on the sidewalk close to it.

The toilets from 2 posts ago were in the men's & women's rooms. Damn, they're cool. I want one for my house - for the "guests". Pity they don't make those for when you have to shake hands with people you're not sure about. A quick hand wrap and you're done.

An excellent restaurant near my home has received the Mrs. Tuck Award of Awsomeness. That's a real accomplishment - my wife is picky about cleanliness and food quality. And the winner is....

P. F. Chang (Chinese), on Kingston Pike - Knoxville, TN. This place is incredible. The wait-staff is clean, attentive, polite, helpful, and good at their job. The food is mouth-wateringly scrumptous and can't be praised enough. Food portions are quite nice - sharable. The price is about the same as Wasabi (Japanese): not bad - especially for the quality and quantity. And they make this sauce at your table that's just **sigh** wonderful.

I might have to do a comparison between P.F.Chang and Wasabi, in an upcoming post. Hmm..........